Transport bolts are designed to hold and secure the drum in a fixed position. During transportation, the washing machine drum is weighted, and so the electronic internals would get damage if the drum were to accidentally swing into them.

When you get your new washing machine, you’ll see that it’s fitted with transport screws and transport bolts to prevent any damage that might occur during transportation. These bolts need to be removed before using the machine because if not, they will cause heavy vibration, noise, and malfunction to the machine and therefore void the warranty. The suspension inside the washing machine also won’t be able to work if this happens.

Removal of Transport Bolts

It’s important to remove the transport bolts at the back of the washing machine before using
it. To remove these bolts from your KIC washing machine:

  1. Unscrew and remove all 4 transport bolts as well as the rubber spaces from the back of the machine. Note that the bolts can vary in shape and colour, but there are always 4 fitted on the appliance.
  2. Loosen then transport bolts with an appropriate spanner.
  3. Remove the bolts with a straight pull.
  4. Fit the plastic blanking caps supplied in the accessories bag into the gaps left by the removal of the bolts. The shipping bolts should be stored for future use.

If you’re moving from house to house, you should reinstall the transport bolts before the move to once again prevent the drum from moving around and causing damage. To install the bolts, simply access the back of your washing machine and then screw them back into the appropriate place.
All in all, by following these instructions you will essentially take care of your KIC washing machine when moving it around and when using it.