Keep it cool


Keep it cool

UP TO 46 Hours

KIC chest freezers will remain at freezing capacity for up to 46 hours during a power outage. This means that your food will be safely kept fully frozen (between temperatures of -18/-9°C) for up to 46 hours*, giving you peace of mind.

*based on internal laboratory testing, varies
by model

Chest Freezers

Our Chest Freezers will add extra freezing space to your kitchen, ideal for those who prefer to buy in bulk. They safely keep your food frozen, have big capacities
and feature A class. Their durable and food-safe laminated lid can be an additional work surface, and thanks to the vari-freeze option they can be used as chiller or fridge if you need it. 

  • Freezer Maximum storage Maximum Storage
  • Durable food safe work top lid Durable & Food-Safe Lid
  • Vari Freeze Control icons 120px Vari-Freeze

Chest Freezers

KCG 210/2 WH

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KCG 210/2 ME

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KCG 300/2 WH

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KCG 300/2 ME

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KCG 570/2 WH

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Keep It fresh cool clean



Saving you energy and cost


Long freezing during power-cuts

Up to

46 Hours
Safely frozen up to 46 hours for your security


Switch between freezing and cooling


Designed to fit more.

Keep it Cool

KIC is proudly leader in large capacity chest freezing and is committed to give you the best value for money appliances.
With A energy class, big capacity, an amazingly high rising time and features like vari-freeze make our chest freezer the best option you can have!