KIC donation to The Love Ones of God

You know those symbols printed on the tag of your clothes? They may seem like they’re in a foreign language, but they actually serve a pretty important purpose – to help you keep your clothes looking newer for longer! These washing icons tell you everything you need to know about how to wash and dry specific garments, depending on their fabric, as well as how to go about bleaching and ironing.

The Family

The Love Ones of God Family Care Centre has been dedicated to providing a helping hand to those who have been living in distressed circumstances since 2001. 150 adults and 27 children are currently receiving accommodation, food, clothing, toiletries, and any other donations provided by the corporate society and general community. 

Beyond these provisions, the organisation assists with preparing CV documents for the unemployed members of the centre as well as providing transport to ensure that the elderly residents travel safely. 

The centre is required to maintain its facilities on a daily basis, such as the kitchen, which is used to feed their large group of residents multiple times a day. This is a challenging task as it requires provisions that are beyond the capability of the organisation.

In order to assist the centre with this challenge, KIC has donated a 570L Chest Freezer to The Love Ones of God Family Care Centre, Brakpan North, Sherwood Gardens.

KIC is proud to assist centres that provide valuable support to their local communities, and we look forward to our freezer being utilised effectively for many years into the future.